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    Initiative: The future of language education
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The future of language education in the light of Covid
Lessons learned and ways forward

The initiative explores how the ongoing Covid pandemic has affected language education, and looks at ways in which the skills and insights gained may bring about beneficial lasting changes in the teaching and learning of languages.

Case studies

Following a survey in February 2021 and a think tank held in May 2021, several teachers from various countries submitted brief case studies on their professional experiences during the Covid emergency. In the case studies they described a project or teaching experience, then reflected on what they learned from this and how their teaching has changed since the emergency began. 

The 16 case studies received before November 2021 are summarised below, and links to the full case studies are provided. Some were featured during a Colloquium held in December 2021: Francesco Imparato presented his case study live, and the authors of four other case studies, Eva Lorencovičová, Susan Starbuck, Heather Kretschmer and Alina Pisica, contributed short videos which were shown during the event.

Following an ECML-EC RELANG training workshop on assessment practices In November 2021, seven further case studies were received from teachers in Cyprus. These focused on experiences of language assessment during the pandemic and are summarised separately.

Language teaching professionals are invited to contribute additional case studies on their language teaching and/or teacher education experiences during Covid emergency using the template provided here.